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helping leadership teams work their plan

Leaderkit is a management execution system that guides leaders to balance competing priorities.
It helps leaders organise thinking, stay on track and make better decisions for wealth creation.


the problems we help solve

in my head

spinning wheels without enough progress

It's easy to fill our days with the urgent whilst the important slips below the line.

Leaderkit makes it easier to balance today's demands with tomorrow's imperatives by letting you manage them together.

spreadsheets inadequate for managing plans

spreadsheets inadequate for managing plans

Are spreadsheets the best tool for capturing, communicating and managing your plan?

Leaderkit is purpose built to make the process easier, faster and better for everyone.

operationally bound

strategic initiatives going too slow

Every CEO wants to get key strategic initiatives done faster so long term wealth can multiply sooner.

Leaderkit helps you get real about the tough choices and compromises required to get there.

pulling in one direction

key players not fully aligned

Leaders of all shapes and sizes attend to the things they like and avoid the things they don't.

Leaderkit provides a structure and a workflow for moulding a leadership team to a common purpose.

wrestling with the board

board reporting a heavy job

Many leaders find it heavy work putting together reports that hit the mark for their board.

Leaderkit helps you distill a tight plan that a board can agree to and then report progress against it, simply and concisely.


does anyone really own the plan?

Leadership teams water down plans when they reduce them to operational dashboards, initiative lists or budgets.

Leaderkit helps CEOs build and own a one page plan and share the load with the leadership team.

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