It's Software and a Way of Working for executives

Leaderkit simplifies strategy and embeds it into meetings and reporting,
making management routine a control mechanism for getting the right things done.

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Some of the organisations using Leaderkit:


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Effective use of time is the hard ROI - time efficiency for a busy management team.

There is also a softer ROI around team. Because it's a platform and we can all see what everybody else is responsible for it really should improve team work.

Mike Riley Endace, a Division of Emulex Corporation

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Management by Decision

Most management teams react - to competition, to changing customer preferences, to declining numbers.

With Leaderkit, management gets proactive.

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4 Steps to make Strategy viral at your place

What if everyone – from the chairman to the receptionist - knew their part in executing the plan and was passionate about it? 

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What's involved in a free trial?

What can you do with Leaderkit's free 30 day trial? 
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